Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Yaquina Bay Trawling

Monday at 11am the first half of our group boarded Oregon State's research vessel, the Elakha to sample estuary fish in Yaquina Bay. The weather could not have been better. We headed into the bay in search of new species. 

Boarding the Elakha.

Enjoying the sunny ride out.
Both groups performed three, ten minute otter trawls through the bay to collect estuary species. The net was dropped into the water and allowed to widen and run along the bottom, scaring bottom species into the net.

Pulling the net back into the boat.
After the net was pulled into the boat, we counted and recorded the species and individuals caught.

Scott describing the new perch species.

The red cap looking on as the trawl is pulled up.

A large buffalo sculpin pulled from the net.  

The new Aulorhynchidae species collected: 
The second group pulling up the net. 

After a great day on the Elakha we collected five new families and learned new trawling sampling techniques. Thank you, from all the marine biology students here to to Scott, Jeremy, and the Elakha boat crew, it was a fantastic day. 

Pretty excited about fish sampling.
A great finale to fish week, and looking forward to aquatic plants!

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