Thursday, April 19, 2012

Another LONG day

So today was the second day in a row where we had to get up and out in the field early (5am) after a long day yesterday and a lot of studying. We were heading down to Strawberry Hill to do a little bit of fish collecting, while we were there we were unable to find fish belonging to new families that we had not collected yet, but it found some better samples to bring back with us. After we returned from our field work most went to take a nap and get a few more hours of sleep or went to do some homework before we started our lectures for the day. Today our lectures were on fish reproduction, then when those were over we were put into groups and had to come up with a proposal for new marine protected areas which will be revealed to the rest of the class tomorrow before our final, for now its off for a LONG night of studying, which leaves me asking when do we get to sleep!!!
LOAD UP! loading up the van heading to Strawberry Hill (5:00AM)

Getting out of the vans at Strawberry Hill and ready to catch some fish.

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