Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Ichthyological Madness!
When asked if I am crazy my reply is simple, "Occasionally;" I am not quite sure why, but I tend to go a little "crazy" when I have the opportunity to chill with my actiniopterygiian counterparts. There is just something about a fusiforme body that gets to me. Well it was to much of my comfort observing the same effect that fishes have on me being reproduced within someone else.
Karina before fish week
Karina during fish week

Anyways, we have arrived at the conclusion of the third day of fish week and I must admit that I AM TIRED!! Beginning the day at 5am, we traveled to the bountiful Boiler Bay to collect intertidal fishes. After separating into groups of two, we had a contest to see which group could collect the most fish.. . . . My group WON! More interesting than Doug and my victory however, were some of the species that were collected. A juvenile Northen Clingfish (Family Gobiesocidae) and several juvenile gunnels (Family Pholidae) were collected among a multitude of sculpins (Family Cottidae); this is significant because it added two very interesting, beautiful, and amazing families to the list of teleost fishes collected this week. After the collection trip we dispersed for a three hour break, then returned for afternoon lectures and a trip to the Oregon Coast Aquarium.

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Unknown said...

I love how jazzed I look to be studying fishes. When I hear words like Sarcopterygii, I cant stop my self from squealing with excitement to think of my ancestor Tiktaalik.