Friday, April 6, 2012

One Week Down!

What a beautiful day!

This morning we hiked up Cascade Head. The muddy trail led us past numerous waterfalls as we climbed above the Salmon River Estuary. Nothing prepared us for the view from the top with the ocean stretching out from beach to horizon and as far north and south as the eye could see. All the fishing boats seemed as if they were specks from our height. Our position also allowed us to see how grass only dominated the southern slope. The winter winds from the south in winter and the summer sun inhibit the growth of trees that can be found on the northern slope. 

While eating lunch with the sunlight streaming down upon us, we enjoyed the scenery that our classroom had to offer. Some individuals continued to hike up the headland to the peak while others made their way to the point. We congregated together for a class picture and enjoyed the sunshine and the view for a little bit longer before making our way back down to our waiting vans. 

The rest of our afternoon was spent preparing notebooks for an initial evaluation as we finished up our first week at Hatfield. 

We've had such a great time this week with all our gloriously sunny and bright field trips. We're looking forward to an awesome week 2 of invertebrates!

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