Tuesday, April 3, 2012

A Surprisingly Sunny Beginning...

Wow. We’re finally here at Hatfield and starting our awesome term of marine biology. This past weekend has already seen an immense amount of rain which we thought would continue all week, but our first day of class proved to be a beautiful day. We were able to take a tour of HMSC, and board the Oceanus, a research vessel which is replacing the Wecoma, and we had our first lecture. 

Today we were scheduled to hike up to Cascade Head, but due to rain, the trip has been postponed. Too bad during our lunch break the rain cleared up and made it a perfect day to go hiking. Ah well... Instead we had another lecture where we started into marine invertebrates and walked over to the Oregon Coast Aquarium (which was pretty awesome!). While there we saw many invertebrates including moon jelly polyps, sea cucumbers, and a White Knight nudibranch. The birds and the sea lions were also enjoying the sunshine.

We’re looking forward to an excellent discussion on the Northwest Coast with pie tonight!

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