Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Week 7 - Community Ecology Continued!

It's already Week 7, and oh how time has flown! Sunny weather the past few days has raised spirits among the ranks and decreased jumping off cliffs by 200 percent. No fieldwork this week means we get to buckle down and study our community ecology lectures. (Super fun.)

On Wednesday morning, we gave presentations on the date collected at Boiler Bay and Strawberry Hill from last week. Each group had to analyze different sets of data in order to answer questions their group came up with based on those data sets. For example, the "fearsome foursome" (including Anna, Kevin, Doug, and Jessica) decided to look at the canopy cover across different zones at each location and how it affected the biodiversity of that area. Isn't that great? Some groups found significant results from these data sets, but the consensus was that more sampling is probably needed.

As the treacherous data analyzing days crept by, some of us began our end-of-term projects. We will officially begin these on Friday with a proposal. Tara's group decided to put their fishing skills to the test, but as of yet they remain fish-less. How disappointing for them (insert sad face here). Though it seemed to temporarily drive the team and their cronies to a devastating Fucus war, they eventually recovered with only one casualty.


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