Saturday, May 12, 2012

Another Field Trip to Boiler Bay and Strawberry Hill

On Thursday and Friday, we took another trip to Boiler Bay and Strawberry Hill, respectively. This time, we took a biodiversity survey of each site. We searched for and recorded invertebrates and algae presence within each zone (low, mid, high) in different levels of exposure (exposed and protected) for 10-minutes. This field work helped us to construct good estimate of community structure and species interactions in each field.

In Boiler Bay, Kevin gives a thumbs-up as he goes to the next zone, while Kat searches for more species.

Molly looks under kelps and sea grasses to find tiny species hiding beneath them.

Everyone just got exhausted and is lying in the sun after lots of hard work.

In Strawberry Hill, Doug searches for invertebrates hiding in the tidepool of mussel bench.
Katlyn and Allison having a serious discussion on the species that they found

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