Thursday, May 10, 2012

Week 6 BEGINS!!

After a great weekend of Cinco de Mayo, it is a time to study Marine Ecology!! In this 2-week section, we will study the structure and biodiversity of marine communities, which includes biotic interactions and abiotic effects of environment.

In the first week of this section, we took early-morning trips to Boiler Bay and Strawberry Hill for some fieldwork.

 Anna and Danielle getting splashed by big wave as they work at exposed cite of Boiler Bay

Ryan gives a bold(?) smile showing some satisfaction on his great work of Transect-Quadrat, which gives a measurement of abundance and density of entities such as physical objects and any organisms in the quadrat.

In Strawberry Hill, Carmen and Allison working on Tidepool Diversity and Belt Transects. The tidepool diversity gives a diversity (presence / absence) of any organisms in the tidepool. The belt transects gives the number of large, mobile inverts lying within the defined area with 10 m of length and 2 m of width.

Kevin and Katlyn work intently on predator diets (seastars, in their case), measuring both predator and prey size.

After a lot of hard work in Strawberry Hill, we saw a CUTE baby seal!!

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Marine Bio 450 said...

Did you find lots of algal species in the biodiversity surveys? Hope all goes well with data analysis this week! amo