Sunday, May 20, 2012

End of Week 7

Caught a Lingcod!

With only 3 weeks remaining, projects are starting to go underway. Some examples: Ryan Hannum is investigating hermit crab shell preferences, Tara McDowell and Co. are trying to catch rockfish, and Katlyn Taylor is working with Pisaster. The term is busy as ever as groups try to keep their critters alive and booming for a week of man-handling.

Some Katharina tunicata being used in an experiment.
Ryan's Hermits

In order to make it through the tiresome, study filled days, we got creative with our pastime activities. The headband crew are still hard at work supplying nearly everyone with a homemade hat or headband.  Rock-paper-scissors is always a good way to raise spirits, especially if you're the winner! Kat prepared some vegetables for a delicious salad while Alice baked a delicious blueberry lemon loaf after the test to relax and    provide a distraction before jumping back into projects.

Collecting sea creatures is fun! Trent has become the BI 450 mascot over the course of the term and he poses majestically for the camera in the picture below. What a beauty! Just look at him rock that girdle. 

Trent the Gumboot Chiton

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