Saturday, April 2, 2016

First Week of Bio 450 2016
           Pulling into Hatfield Saturday afternoon was super exciting.  Quickly unpacking in the rain and meeting the handful of people that had shown up before me only made me more egger to explore what this new adventure had to offer. 

          Catching a few of these guys Sunday was a great little escape before the start of BI 450 on Monday.  They look delicious but I released them. The sun was starting to come out towards the evening too!  Was hoping our first week would turn out to be sunny.    
First Day
            Monday brought with it sunny skies that would last all week. We started with tours and orientations to show us how much Hatfield has to offer.  Everyone we ran into was excited to stop and introduce themselves.  People here a very welcoming and very diverse.  There is always something going on here and I'm dying to become a part of it! 
Rogue Brewery Dinner Fun
         After a short safety walk and talk we ended the first day at Rogue Brewery just down the street.  The food and service was great, and we also had a chance to gab with our fellow BI 450 students.  What fun!

Boiler Bay
            By Tuesday we had three lectures under our belts and were ready for the first Field Trip.  With an overview of marine biology, the history of the Oregon coast, and a helpful background on marine invertebrates, it was time to test out our boots.    
A quick drive out to Boiler Bay to collect invertebrates and soak up some rays was a perfect first trip out. 
Discussion and Pie 
Tuesday night was a blast too!  A little discussion about the reading and a lot of pie made for a great team building exercise. hahaha
Tokatee Kloochman
             After learning about Porifera, Cnidaria, and Ctenophora we prepared for our second trip out.  This time out to Tokatee Kloochman which is a sandy beach with rocky outcroppings.  Nudebranchs and mussels were common here, probably due to plentiful phytoplankton and algae.

         Here's a super cool Black Leather Chiton we found.  Katharina tunicata have protective plates on their back, just like other chitons, which can be repaired in just a few weeks if damaged! 
First Bond Fire!!!
       Wednesday night a bunch of us scrambled down to the beach to have a fire and tell stories.  It was a killer time and their were lots of laughs.  Great idea everyone!  

Yaquina Bay Mud Wrasslin'
           Possibly my favorite time this week was our venture out to the mud flats to find burrowing shrimp, clams, crab, and worms.  This was after Sally helped break down all the phyla that worms are found in.  Platyhelminthes, Nemertea, Nematoda, Annelida, and Sipuncula.
It was a blast and we all got nice and muddy.  It sure was a work out though.
Cascade Head Walkabout
          A nice hike to Cascade Head was a great way to see how the coastal headlands shape the coastline. Being able to see an estuary, sandy shores, rocky shores, and islands from one point made the trip worth it.  

           Rafts of sea lions making their way out to feeding grounds, elk crossing the trail, and eagles flying over head only added to the experience.

What an awesome first week!!!

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