Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Sally's Bend and Cascade Head 2016!

On Thursday, the class ventured to the mudflats at Sally’s Bend. Sunshine and eager spirits made for a very muddy excursion and the retrieval of an array of marine inverts. We found marine polychaete worms, bay ghost shrimp, and blue mud shrimp (accompanied by the parasitic isopod, Orthione griffins). Note: The photo above was taken AFTER most of us had rinsed off in a small stream!

On Friday, April 1, 2016, the students of Bi450 made their way up to Cascade Head. North of Lincoln City, Cascade Head Preserve is home to a diversity of flora and fauna including the rare Oregon silverspot butterfly and its host flower, the early blue violet.

What started with a light fog turned out to be a beautiful, sunny day making for an enjoyable hike. Along the way we spotted isopods, black millipedes with yellow spots, and many, many elk!

While the majority of our hike was through wooded forest, the trail’s peak opened up to exposed panoramic meadows and views of the Salmon River estuary, the Oregon coast, and vast expanses of deep blue ocean. Here, we enjoyed snacks and some lunch and were even able to observe an eagle soaring above and some sea lions in a cove below.

Above is a photo of this year’s class at the top!

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