Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The hardest things so far about the algae section has been the earlier lecture hours,

falling in at Boiler Bay (It was so cold and wet!), and learning to key out red algae species. It's hard to key out species because each description contain 5 words that we don't understand and have to look up in the glossary. We all learned what pit plugs were the other day while trying to identify Neorhodomela larix. Frustrations raged when we didn't even know the terms used in the glossary definitions, but Margot and Annette helped us out.

While at Boiler Bay, we each had a partner and a list of particular algae to look for and learned. Then we reconvened while different groups "taught" us their algae. We learned the differences between Neorhodomela and Odonthalia. Some of us got caught up in a search for "Ralph." (Ralfsia sp) We haven't found the elusive brown alga yet, but we're going to Seal Rock today, so maybe we'll find him there. Let's hope so!

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