Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Day 2

Day #2 of the HMSC Learning Expeience...today we learned about coastal geology and oceanography and had the invaluable opportunity to venture into the field and take a look at some of the geological formations and ocean wave processes discussed in class. Our field trip took us up one of the ten major Rocky Capes along the Oregon Coast called Cascade Head located just North of Lincoln City. We hiked the mile-and-a-half trail to a grassy plain where we were able to observe the estuary where the Salmon River meets the Pacific Ocean. As we took a seat on the edge of the cape and were enjoying our lunch someone shouted, “and we have whales!” We were able to see where the whales were breaching in the open ocean right in front of our perch!

Overall, it was a unique bonding experience for the group elaborating on the feeling that this is an educational vacation rather than a school-based program.

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