Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Day 1

Gear: $100.00
Books: $97.00
Rent: $500.00
Spending 10 weeks in Newport, OR at the Hatfield Marine Science Center doing Marine Biology, PRICELESS.

22 of us are living at the Hatfield Marine Science Center for BI 450/451. Our first day of class consisted of taking a tour of the different buildings on campus and getting a quick run-through of the different organizations on campus (NOAA, ODFW, USDFW, OSU, etc.) and the research being done here. We also got to tour a 185 ft. research vessel called the Welcoma. The ship uses Yaquina bay at the footsteps of HMSC for it’s main docking location. The Welcoma is a high tech., versatile “machine” that is preparing to leave on a 50-day research venture up the Oregon and Washington coastline to take collect sediment data. Later in the day we experienced our first lecture and the Rogue Brewery. Tonight, we walked away with a feeling that this is an incredible opportunity for the students at OSU to be able to live and breathe Marine Biology together for ten whole weeks. We will be introduced to an array of Professors and Graduate Students, and get the opportunity to experience the work they do in their specific fields, not to mention the ability to network ourselves among leading researchers in a variety of fields.

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Ken Hall said...

Welcome, MarineBio students!

I am Ken Hall, program manager at the HMSC and editor of the "Currents" newsletter. Glad to read about your first day here, including a tour of the R/V Wecoma. I'd like to include a photo and brief article about your class in the newsletter. I'll check your blog for updates.