Monday, May 6, 2013

The algae section continued with a trip to boiler bay. We were able to apply a lot of our new found knowledge in the field this time around as we individually identified and collected species for a presentation on a specific group of algae. Boiler Bay also presented us with incredibly diverse algae as compared to Strawberry Hill.

Alexander huffing some Prionitis. It smellls like chlorine, bleh
Annette gave us the great idea of making a horn out of some  washed up  Nereocystis we found

Much of the week was spent keying out and identifying algae species in the lab. The labs were divided by species type and key characteristics. It was during these lab periods that Paul and Jake made a startlingly and exciting discovery that rocked the algae world and rewrote the history books on Oregon algae. These two stellar algae pioneers identified an epiphytic species of Ceramium that has only been seen in the San Juan Islands of Washington State! The experts (Gayle) were called in to affirm the new species. Having identified it as Ceramium zacae, Gayle told the boys that their discovery would be archived in the Oregon State University collection and that their names would be forever enshrined along side their discovery. Rumors of a cash prize and visit from President Obama have been circulating following Jake and Paul's new found stardom in the algae community. 

Along with this exiting discovery, Momma Aubree turned 27 years young on Tuesday and celebrated in true fashion with birthday hats, birthday drinks and Octopus inspired birthday cake, Luckily no one got too crazy and stripped down to their birthday suits.... 

Unfortunately, the exciting events surrounding the new discovery were short lived due to the storm that lay ahead. The lab practical and final test were still off in the distance like a dark and ominous storm building off the Oregon coast. The students hunkered down in the library and lab, preparing for the worst. Some faired the storm better than others, but thankfully although the test left some bruised, battered and sleep deprived, it looks as though everyone is still afloat and will finish the course off strong. 

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