Sunday, May 19, 2013

It’s now week 7 here at the HMSC. With our minds jam-packed full of knowledge from the previous sections we prepared ourselves for an additional presentation and test to finish the Community Ecology section. The presentation was divided into multiple groups based on the data collections from the previous week. Each group had a different kind of data, ranging from tide pool diversity to predator prey analysis, and therefore a different kind of presentation and focus. After two intensive days (Monday and Tuesday) studying and preparing in the library, the morning of the presentations finally arrived. True to our nature, the presentations were a hit! While the statistical analysis proved to be a formidable opponent each group pulled through with a hard won victory.

Celebrations were in order and several students rushed to the break room to enjoy their hard-earned, delicious, and FREE doughnuts. The celebrations were short lived however as our Community Ecology final was the very next day. People were frantically trying to prepare themselves for the test, and several students hit the books as soon as they finished their presentations.  There was a lot of focus as students tried to nail down what the differences were between apparent competition and regular competition, what determines species richness, and most importantly what the differences were between a regular Pisaster and a Kickaster! Fortunately it was an open note test which alleviated a lot of the pressure so that when test-time came around most everyone was ready…except for one unnamed student who had an apparent mix-up with the schedule.  Luckily, this student managed to make it in time and finish successfully (we hope)!

 A handy Identification guide by Alexander.
Day one of the Marine Conservation and Policy section began promptly the next day providing the opportunity for more group work within the following week and another challenge for the students of the BI450 class of 2013.  Will the students be able to overcome the depressing news that is the current state and affairs of marine conservation and policy!? Can we really make a difference before it’s too late?! And will Jake manage to make it to class on time?! We’ll find out this and more in the next week of BI 450!!

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