Monday, April 2, 2007

So lucky to be here

So for the first day of class, we had three hours of welcome speeches and tours, a walk-about on the Wecoma, and a great lecture from distinguished professor Jane Lubchenco. The evening was completed by a delicious pizza dinner courtesy of Itchung. Most of the group migrated to the Rogue Brewery (just down the street!) for a little extra-curricular "team building" (hey, someone want to let me in on what happened there?) Anyhow, it was the best first day of school ever. The Wecoma was amazing, I'd do anything to get on that boat. Everyone was super nice to us and we have keys for the library and we pretty much feel completely honored to be here. We're gonna work hard to earn all the support these wonderful people are giving us. Yea for marine biology! ~Lou

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Anonymous said...

Are you hearing growling, barking, or snarling sea lions? What role do they play in your studies?