Monday, April 16, 2007

Here's lookin at you, Pisaster...

Last Friday we said goodbye to our invertebrate section, going out in style with our finals, dutifully administered by Sally and Margo. However, the fun didn't start there. It actually begin two days preious. The night: Wednesday. The location: the library conference room. We were all gathered for our "My Favorite Invertebrate" presentations, not to mention the accompanying cheese cake and coffee. Since creativity was apparently a factor in our grading for this project everyone came prepared to give their best (and potentially funniest) presentations of all time. And we did not fail!

Presentation subjects included sponges, anemones, nudibranchs, jellyfish, even a giant squid! People used costumes, song and dance routines, guitar solos, edible inverts, crazy salesman routines, a play, original art, and videos to make their presentations. There were many laughs shared and I'm sure that we walked away knowing a little more about our favorite inverts than we had earlier in the evening. (These pictures were taken by Kathryn Stewart-Smith)

Faced with a real homework-free weekend (a rare occurance during a normal term) we were almost at a loss for what to do. Two whole days to spend doing whatever you wanted? Very nice. Several people made the trip over the river and through the woods back to the valley but others chose to go diving or having other adventures on the coast. On Sunday several Intrepid Explorers made their way down to a wilderness area across the Alsea river about 8 miles up Highway 34 from Waldport. They made their way down through old growth forest to a lovely creek and skipped rocks and had lunch. They also found a large tree which they took pictures on. They decided that the creek was such a wicked cool place that it would be amazing to have an overnight there.

Which brings us to today, where we begin our week long adventure into Algae Land! Nothing more exciting than that.

-posted by Esther Eder

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