Sunday, May 13, 2018

Week 6- Conservation and Policy

The BI450 class had a day of lectures preparing for the week ahead.

We started our day off by walking down to the docks to meet with Laura Anderson, the owner
of Local Ocean restaurant in Newport. She gave us a tour, introducing us to the different
fishing vessels and equipment that each fishery uses. While on the docks, we got to even
hear some locals talk about their personal experiences. It was interesting to hear about
the fishery business firsthand from their perspective.

We made our way up to the Pacific Maritime and Heritage Center where Laura has an exhibit about the fishing industry, then we headed to her restaurant for lunch. What makes Local Ocean so special? They only buy from sustainable fisheries.
Making new friends at the dock with Laura Anderson.
             Lunch at Local Ocean. 

Wednesday was a treat for us BI450 kids because our whole day was spent outside. Our first
stop was the top of Cape Perpetua where we met up with Paul Engelmeyer, an advocate for
pretty much everything. He walked us through various conservation projects occurring around
the coast of Oregon. We then headed to Ten-Mile creek, a restoration project site, where we met
John from Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife. He showed us one of ODFW’s fish traps
and how it works.They use the trap to count the amount of fish that pass through the creek.
He even showed us some of the fish he caught!

Paul Engelmeyer
John and the Fish trap.
We had another day of lectures, but we were able to finish off our last lecture outside since
the weather was so nice. After some sunbathing, the rest of the day we worked on our
presentations and papers for the following day.

The BI450 kids ended the week off with presentations on different conservation techniques,
and solutions to ongoing problems.

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Hey - I took this awesome class years ago and just stumbled back on this web site. But the picasaweb photo gallery doesn't work any more! Can someone re-post them so we can see them?