Sunday, June 5, 2016

Final Week! Presentations and Papers:
It is presentation and paper week, all of the research and field work from last week is coming together in one final day. Families, friends, scientists, and past professors are back to see what we have been able to see what we could accomplish on our own. For many groups this week has been a lot of data entry calculations and writing. Coming back from last week’s research, each student had to write a 5-page research paper on what study they conducted the previous week. As well as the paper, each group had to make a 15-minute presentation of the project with their group. With those two things being the only thing needed to be done during the week the week work for most of us was writing our paper with a rough draft due Wednesday. Then after rough drafts were in we would have Wednesday and Thursday to work on the presentation and any final changes for our paper. Then Friday was the accumulation of all of our work.  

Lucy, Kaylie, and Stephanie getting Friday started
with the first presentations

Here we can see the first presenters of the day Lucy, Kaylie, and Stephanie. They kicked off Friday with an awesome presentation about the work they have been doing about sea urchin feeding preference. There were three presentations the first half of the day. Then a little lunch break and then the final four presentations.

Here we can see Taylor help with
 the final lab clean up
Looking at the past 10 weeks I know that all of us have made many new lasting friendships and memories. There was so much that everyone has seen and experienced from living out at Hatfield. Having all of us living so close and spending every week together definitely created an atmosphere where of growth and more importantly fun with learning. Learning under some of the best instructors in their area of marine biology has been a blast. Not many students are lucky enough to have a such a caring and involved group of instructors and assistants. I can speak for everyone when I say thanks to all of our professors, grad students, and everyone else who made this term as amazing as it was. 


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