Friday, April 5, 2013

A Home in Hatfield

The 2013 class
 Welcome to Hatfield! Our new home for the next 10 weeks. We were welcomed to Hatfield with beautiful sunny weather and blue skies. This lasted only a short while before Oregon showed its true colors in the form of hurricane rain and gale force winds. The people at Hatfield were much nicer than the weather and graciously showed us their facilities. After we moved in and had a tour, we jumped right into the natural history of the Oregon coast on Monday morning.

Like everything at Hatfield, we reinforced what we learned in the classroom by experiencing it. Field trip time!
   On Tuesday, the class hiked up the beautiful Cascade Head where we looked for unique landscape characteristics of the Oregon coast (and whales!), but instead we saw nothing but a giant cloud. 
Looking for whales!

  Thankfully, as our professor Dr. Sally Hacker promised, the weather cleared up and everyone enjoyed the breath taking views from atop Cascade Head. 

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