Thursday, May 29, 2008

Final Fiesta

Our first stop was to see the cobra like flower the Darlingtonia, it lures insects in with tantalizing nectar and brilliant colors once inside they get confused, it traps and then digests them. We only caught a glimpse and we were off for Honeyman.

We got a taste of the dunes with our lunch.

Upon arrival at the Umpqua Dunes we were excited to see no rain. We began our hike climbing the dune.

It felt like we were in the desert just walking and walking and walking. Then we came upon an oasis. Well, not really it was actually just a pond with some shrubs.

We continued our trek where upon nearing the wetland area we found cute little frogs of all colors. The wetlands were not there historically but with the introduction of Ammophilia the sand was stabilized and the dunes changed shape. A foredune was created and behind it moisture built up, providing a wetland habitat for many species.

Finally we made it to the beach, there were many sand dollars collected, a lone girl (Megan Cook) ventured in for a swim. Then it began to mist, causing us to begin our homeward journey.I didn't remember it being so steep. A last group field trip photo and we headed for pizza.

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